Upcoming updates and other news
I haven't updated here in so long. I am so ashamed!

Just a quick announcment that both Sanctuary High and Two Weeks in Sanctuary will be updated on the 20th and 31st of August respectively.

I've also decided to put Hopes and Fears as well as The Cat and the Sparrow on hiatus for now. Uni takes all my time and i'm trying to focus on getting my Saint Seiya fics finished.

16th Chapter of Sanctuary High
Heya everyone! I forgot to update here, but the 16th chapter of Sanctuary High is up. Here is the link. Please don't forget to review!


Chapter 15 of Sanctuary High
Hey guys! Long time no see. I finally updated Sanctuary High and you can check it out at this link. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2021657/1/Sanctuary_High

Please review and enjoy. I'm also thinking of doing some fan art for the chapter, since there were scenes I really liked. >.<

Look forward to another update soon. I'll really try.

News and such...
My my, it has been such a long time since I posted something here. I am rather sorry for neglecting this community. I also would like to welcome the other members to this lame little community. Also, if you have stuff to contribute (fanfiction or art), please feel free to post it. I've got no problem with that.

Well on to some news about my fanfictions. About two months ago my computer crashed and I lost all my files. Well I've recently starting rewriting the chapters that I lost. Please all readers don't worry too much, I will be updating by the first week in November and that date is the deadline I am giving myself to update all 4 fanfictions I have on the net right now.

I also have been reading my fanfictions and as I've noticed before, they need to be edited heavily due to grammar and spelling issues.

Finally, there will be some gifts given out to certain reviewers who happen to be the lucky random post numbers I'll be picking. Please look out for those ne?

Sanctuary High updated!!

Please enjoy the 14th chapter of Sanctuary High. I've worked hard and long on this thing. Wow, I so need to go sleep. Please review and leave your comments.

Two Weeks In Sanctuary Updated!!
Ah, I totally forgot to put the link for Chapter 3 of Two Weeks In Sanctuary here. Wah, I created this community and I'm ignoring it so much. Gomen nasai!!


Please enjoy it. Next up on the list to get updated is 'The Cat and the Sparrow,' so everyone, please wait for it and read it when I update!!!

Happy Holidays!!
Happy Holidays minna-sama!

Unfortunately, my luck has run out on me. It seems like I'm stuck with all the major cooking for Christmas Day, so I've been rather busy this entire week. I apologize for not updating but I promise that the dates will be pushed back to this Friday and Saturday as far as updating goes for Two Weeks in Sanctuary and The Cat and The Sparrow. I apologize for not being able to post on the dates I stated but in some cases, family always wins out.

I wish everyone a happy holiday and please don't do anything reckless. Let's all celebrate the new Year together ne?

Updating dates
Hello, minna-san!! Well, pretty soon Two weeks in Sanctuary will be updated. The exact date will be the 20th of Decemeber at Midnight. Don't be surprised if it's updated before that date.

The Cat and the Sparrow will follow shortly after on the 25th of December at 12 midnight.

Hopes and Fears will be updated on the 01/01/08

Why am I posting the dates I'm going to upload the new chapters? I realized that by putting the dates down, it forces me to get off my butt and update my bloody stories. It worked really well for Sanctuary High. It's like I'm giving myself a deadline.

So minna-san, look out for these dates. They will only change if I am updating earlier. I will not update any later than these dates. My goal for the new year is to push myself harder in everything, so I'm definately changing my lazy attitude. Plus, most of my readers have disappeared, so I'm hoping to get them back as well as make new fans too!!

So, please free to drop comments here or at my personal LJ account or email me even.

13th chapter of Sanctuary High
Hello minna-san! I finally finished the 13th chapter of Sanctuary High. Please forgive me for it's lameness. I tried my best to write an intertesing chapter! Please enjoy!

Here is the link for it at Fanfiction.net.

please enjoy it!!!

ps. please review too. Don't make me have wasted my efforts in drawing all those art for nothing so i could give it to the 150th reviewer!

The Big Day
Ah, tomorrow is finally the day I post the 13th chapter of Sanctuary High! I'm so excited! Yay! I hope to get some reviews! Minna-san, please read it and enjoy it!


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